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Caroline's latest release,
Chibayi (Live from Kennett Brewing Co),
has been released on streaming platforms and is available for purchase now!

Chibayi (Live from Kennett Brewing Co.).jpg
Chibayi (Live from Kennett Brewing Co.).jpg

Chibayi (Live from Kennett Brewing Co)

Capturing the feeling of happiness and content felt deep in the Peruvian Amazon, 'Chibayi' is a word from the native language of the Maijuna people in Sucusari, Peru.

After visiting the Maijuna community with the Delaware Teacher's Institute and the ACEER Foundation, Caroline's song is a collection of memories expressed in English, Spanish, and Maijiki. In the background, you can hear live audio from the Amazon Rainforest, full of life - you'll also hear the group of teachers, researchers, and artists that make it all possible talking, swapping stories of our time together, and celebrating the work of the ACEER Foundation as the song was debuted live in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  

While the studio version is still cooking, we wanted to share this Live recording captured at Kennett Brewing Company on December 10th, 2022 at ACEER's holiday fundraiser.

If you would like to learn more about the ACEER Foundation's work in rainforest protection and global sustain
ability, please visit

Come dance by the river with us on streaming platforms >

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